Rory Best says northern hemisphere nations should play through the summer

Rory Best says the coronavirus crisis could offer northern hemisphere nations a chance to road test summer rugby with a view to aligning their seasons with their southern counterparts. Do northern hemisphere players and fans feel rugby is a summer sport?

The former Ireland captain believes southern hemisphere nations’ historical dominance at World Cup time is due to unequal preparation time.

“This might be an opportunity to prove summer rugby could work,” said Best. “For the sake of rugby, I think they’ve got to try and align the two seasons. At least certainly get them closer. It makes more sense for the northern hemisphere to push into the summer.

“In my opinion, it’s got to happen. If you take a World Cup, it’s coming to the end of a southern hemisphere season so they actually meet as a group of players and they don’t have to waste time reconditioning themselves.

“When we come together we have to spend at least three or four weeks getting back into condition after a break. That time could be spent as a team preparing to try and win a World Cup.”

What do you think? Summer sun or muddy winters make the perfect rugby season in the northern hemisphere?