Time to reflect…

Over the last months I’ve had to focus on home life, rather than my rugby, as my father was taken ill and sadly passed away at the grand age of 84.

Dad loved sport, mainly football, cricket and bowls, but loved hearing about tales of rugby matches played, tours attended and the reasons I had for hiding several traffic signs in my room as a teenager.

Now he’s gone and a massive hole has appeared in my heart.

No longer is Dad sitting in his favourite chair scanning the papers or watching the sports on TV.

Wherever he is, I’m sure he’s looking down on me, hoping my trip to Japan goes well. So forgive my time of reflection. As the countdown begins for the World Cup, my heart might still be broken, but my soul is stirring and I’m looking forward to joining the world cup party in October.

So, Dad and Mum, now reunited…this trip is for you.