Will Japan run out of beer during the Rugby World Cup?

Don’t panic and keep calm.

It could be the stuff of nightmares for rugby fans, however organisers of the upcoming World Cup in Japan have raised concerns that bars and restaurants in host cities could potentially run out of beer during the tournament.

It’s a valid concern, as I know the Bok fans drank Villa Park dry in 2015, drinking 2 days worth of stadium beer in less than 4 hours. Emergency supplies had to be shipped in to ensure fans didn’t die of thirst the following day!

The concerns were among issues raised as part of briefing sessions held in Sapporo and Oita, which are among the Japanese cities tipped to deal with the largest influx of international visitors (including me!). With the event starting in September to November, and is expected to draw more than 400,000 fans from abroad, this could be a make or break opportunity for the Japanese brewery.